Therapy Dogs Best Known for their Human Therapeutic Healing Abilities

Core Benefits Many studies have shown that pets offer a multitude of health benefits to their owners. And all those they come in contact with. Below we have outlined a list of fantastic benefits for you and your loved ones. Lower blood pressure Help post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) Help children with anxiety & ADHD Offers […]

Korea dog and Korea dog resellers(there are far too many to count)

We do not suggest purchasing a teacup puppy from Korea or a Korea dog reseller as they will come from heart-wrenching puppy mills and your Korean teacup puppy will have lifelong physical and or emotional complications. Korea unfortunately still has a culture that eats dogs, with no dog protection. Teacup dogs from Korea will not be […]

VIP teacup puppy and Waiting List Group

Paid Deposit VIP teacup puppy & Waiting List Group Don’t see your dream puppy yet? Maybe this isn’t the right time to add a fur-baby to your heart and home? Are you waiting for a certain coat color to become available? Maybe you are moving or going on vacation, but searching for a new dream […]

Teacup puppy care

When considering getting a teacup dog, most prospect owners are lured by the idea that “smaller is cuter”. What they’re not told is that smaller also means more delicate to care for. These tiny pooches – even when fully grown – weigh significantly less than the standard weight for their breed, according to the American […]

About Teacup puppies

First of all, what is a Teacup dog? A Teacup dog is the unofficial term for extremely small dogs – dogs that can fit in a teacup! Teacup dogs are also referred to as: Toy dog breeds. Miniature breeds. Micro dogs. The Teacup likes to be with people and they are lively, sweet, perky, cheerful as well […]

5Ways My Dog Has Changed My Life.

5Ways My Dog Has Changed My Life. 1.It showed me how to make an incomprehensible circumstance endurable I was constantly worried with school. School wasn’t simple, and working and going to class full time in the long run got up to speed with me. I was working a vocation that I abhorred, treated like crap […]

5 Great Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing Up Together

5 Great Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing Up Together Most kids love puppies. They’re charming, cuddly, and quite agreeable. In any case, did you realize that growing up with a canine can really profit a youngster’s physical and mental improvement? Here are a portion of the numerous advantages of mutts being in youngsters’ lives. […]