The preventive medication package includes the following 3 meds: Valbazen, Neomycin and Marquis

Prevents/eliminates adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larvae.

Make life simple and have everything you need for an easy transition. This is all you need to be successful in helping your puppy settle in.

Microchip is a permanent identification for your puppy. We highly recommend having our trained staff microchip your puppy.

Allow your puppy to travel in complete comfort! Warm, cozy and relaxed! Provides for a great first bed and toy for your puppies home!

3lb bag of hard puppy food with highly digestible proteins for the best possible nutrient absorption. Antioxidants help support the puppy’s natural defenses.

Offers up to $1,000.00 coverage on any EMERGENCY related issues that may occur with your new puppy within the first 30 days of purchase outside of normal care.

Your puppy will develop clean habits from the start. Our patent pending elevated sleep and play loft is separated from the elimination area and reinforces good patterns that your puppy will remember and repeat. Leaving the palace door open whenever you are home allows your puppy to continue putting his good habits into practice by returning to the crate whenever they need to go potty. Even puppies staying in the palace for the very first time instinctively hop up on the loft to rest.

Durable puppy play pen, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Comes with clips for the ability to attach the play pen to your puppies crate. Long-lasting black E-Coat finish resists rust and corrosion. East setup, No tools required.

Package includes both leash and harness.

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