Why is there a fee for extra photos?

 “Can I get new photos and videos before purchasing a puppy?” Sure! But you need to pay for them! We keep our website up-to-date with new photos bi-weekly. If the puppy hasn’t changed that much, we don’t update it. We have got to get the pups picture perfect. It is like a photo session for a super model, it is a lot of work for us, and we try to do it every two weeks. If you decide, ‘No, No. I want a new picture. I want to see a new picture. I want a different one, just not the one on the website, I want a different one. I don’t care if it was taken today, I just want a different one.’ Well, okay... We can do that for you but for our time and to ensure you are a genuine buyer, we ask for a $400 payment that Will be refunded to you, if you don’t buy the puppy within 24 hours, you can say, ‘Nope, I don’t like the puppy. Thanks for the second picture.’ We will return the photo fee. If you decide, ‘Perfect, I’m glad that I got to see this extra picture and I definitely want to buy him.’ Then the $400 for the new pictures will be deducted from the cost of your puppy. Surely if you are just window shopping,or love to look at puppy pictures all day long, you may object to a fee but in our experience serious buyers understand.