Polly Black Micro Pom

Name: Polly
Breed: Tiny Teacup Pomeranian
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 2.5lbs


Now this a beautiful majestic midnight black Pomeranian right here! Polly is hands down drop dead gorgeous! She has such a beauty to her that really stops people in their tracks. She has a rich luxurious midnight black coat and an extreme bear face that really stands out. Let’s not forget to mention those giant baby doll eyes that radiate so much love. Polly really sets the bar high when it comes to the quality department. She really just does this effortlessly. Polly is such a joy to be around with her alluring and playful personality. She is super well behaved and just so darn sweet. Polly is the perfect addition to any loving person or family.

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