Purchasing Privileges

We are not a pet store, we are not a rescue, we are not a shelter or humane society and we do not grant purchasing privileges to just anyone with the financial means. We reserve the right to refuse sale as we are very selective in regards to the type of home we grant purchasing privileges to. Our puppies are babies and we take the utmost responsibility of placing each and every one of them in the best homes possible. Rude inquiries will not get a response from us, nor will ones without a name. We offer a vast amount of information as to who we are and the type of kennel we run. In turn we will require the same from you. We want to know a little bit about your family and the type of home you have to offer. 

Once you contact us by email or by phone we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We don’t work 24/7 so give us a minute. If you call thirteen times in a row, we are not going to call you back. Please leave 1 message and we WILL get back to you within 24 hours.

We have the right to refuse or cancel a sale; purchasing privileges are not just granted. We might agree to sell you the puppy and get a feeling that’s not going to be the right fit and we will cancel it and give you a complete refund within 30days. Entitled, demanding or disrespectful parties – don’t apply! If you’re not comfortable buying on the website or online, we’re not the place for you. Any type of false representation from a client will result in an automatic application rejection… no matter what part of application process you are in we would cancel the contract immediately. 

By about 8 weeks we know approximately how much the puppies will end up weighing, and we have an idea of their look, and this is when they will be priced or we will decide to keep them and potentially breed them or keep them for our VIP customers. So at this point, the prices will be placed on the puppies and we will post them as available.  We do not advertise any puppy before they are 12 weeks old. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping includes the air fare, pet carrier, nursery blanket, all the vaccination shot records, signed health certificate, a rabies tag, certificates and vaccinations of all the up to date vaccinations of whatever age the puppy is.

Puppies will never be held on verbal promises.

If you are looking for cheap puppies, by all means, there are plenty out there but this is not the place for it.

Tell me a little bit about your household like, how many kids you have; how much time you have on your hands; if you’re working all the time or if you like to travel; have you ever had a small puppy like this before; girl or boy preference. Try to just give me some of those details and then it helps me when I call you back. This way we are not both on the phone awkwardly going, ‘Umm… Hi’, ‘Umm… Hi So it gives us a good starting point and I can answer most of your question hopefully by email and if not then feel free to talk to me by calling, but if you call without emailing first, I’ll probably just ask you to email me first. I find that the most effective way. It is important for me to have a record of who I’m speaking with and what puppy they are interested in, and if you call me and I’m out putting gas in my car or whatever, I’m going to forget. So always email me first with all of the information including the puppy you like, or at least the breed you like, and then call me. Then I’ll say, “Oh yeah, I got your email Melody and you’re interested in a silver Pom.” and we can take it from there. It’s just a nicer way and sure way that I don’t forget. 

Proceed with payment in full. Bank Transfer is the best option but if you have alternate suggestions let us know. We don’t accept partial payments.

I want to talk a little about unrealistic expectations. There is no such thing as perfect. Sometimes you might buy something online as simple as a shoe, and maybe it looks great on the internet but when it gets home it doesn’t look as great as you thought it would. Or maybe it shows up and it looks so much better than you though it would. There is a lot of perception. As long as we are transparent and honest about the puppy and you are realistic in your expectations

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do false advertising. They post pictures of puppies that are 3 weeks old and say the puppy is 3 months old which is completely different. When you get them they are going to be four, five or six months old and they look nothing like the photo. If you can see an updated image and they are willing to send that to you, that’s great. 

We always do our best to provide an honest estimate of what the expected adult weight will be. There is a huge variable because a lot of it is out of our hands when the puppy goes to your house. How you feed the puppy, do you exercise the puppy, are you giving him natural food or are you giving him Kibble. All of these things will affect the end weight. A Yorkie is going to be 2.5 pounds. If you are constantly feeding it bacon then it is going to be overweight, it is going to be uncomfortable and it is not going to be in top condition. So you have to understand that we are giving you our honest estimate. If you are going to exercise, take care and feed the puppy like the way that we advise you to, it should stay that way. So we have done our best to provide our customers with realistic size expectations. 

Descriptive words such as Teacup, Micro, Mini, and Miniature have brought so much controversy between breeders. I don’t know what else to call them so I use all of the terms. Many people have mistaken idea that teacups aren’t health. They are! I don’t know another name because that is what everyone refers to them with. So I’m just going to go with the flow. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes a puppy will be born extra small and we will keep an eye on that puppy and if that puppy goes for sale he or she will be very expensive because it is very rare to get a puppy under 2 pounds or around the 2 pound mark. If that is what you have got your heart set on you should think about giving us a deposit and we will consider offering you that puppy, when and should we have one, if we decide not to keep it for ourselves. 

Please note that the purchasing privileges will not be granted to those with unrealistic expectations. We have created our website chock-full of interesting articles, beneficial information, and thorough explanations about all kinds of stuff including our breeding practices. We hope that each customer will take the time to actually read our website and the content that we have provided. We have tried to touch on all topics. However, if you still have more questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

One of the best part of being a breeder is watching our beloved puppies grown in stunning adult dogs. It warms our hearts when the customers share updated photos of our darling puppies, now dogs, in their new homes. We get to see each dog so happy and well-adjusted with owners who truly love and adore them as much as we do. It brings a smile to our faces.

Buying one of our puppies:

It isn’t about money; you are not applying for a loan. You are applying to own one of our puppies! First, we thank you for your interest. Here is a detailed application, it does take a minute to fill out and since you are buying a puppy that you are going to keep around for the nextdecade or so, we hope that you will take a minute to fill it out. We want to know about yourself, your family, and the type of home you have to offer. Our puppies are viewed through our eyes as our ‘fur children’. They just happen to have four legs instead of two… and they have a tail! We see ourselves as surrogate parents who bring these precious angles into the world for deserving families to enjoy the companionship that only a pet can offer. Our fur children are raised with the same amount of love, respect and devotion as our two legged children.